Free ebook giveaway status report

After literal YEARS of silence on social media*, I launched my paranormal shapeshifter romance novel, BEAR and haunted farmhouse story, LOT 149 on Amazon this week. Both were FREE to download before reverting to KindleUnlimited (and now are free for KU subscribers).

Initially released as a free promo, BEAR broke Amazon’s Werewolf and Shifter Romance Category in 24 hours, well within the top 200, and 48 hours after release BEAR sat at 83rd(!!!!) in the same category!! *insert moment of exhaustion and celebration*

LOT 149 was only available to download free for less than 48 hours, and broke through the top 200 in the very huge and enormous Amazon Horror category in 24 hours, before rising up to #105 in Horror. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.

Both are now available FREE to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

*Serious about literal YEARS of silence… I’d tell you where I was, but then I’d have to kill ya;) But sincerest thanks to all my friends and supporters who helped me come back from the charred and smoldering ruin of post-apocalyptic social media exile. And always… feel free to reach out and connect — I don’t bite, much;)

Amazon Author — Liz McAdams

I’m very excited to have my paranormal shapeshifter romance, BEAR, and and paranormal horror story, Lot 149 over at Amazon. Both are full length reads, and available through Kindle Unlimited. Shorter work will be available soon on my Amazon Author page — Liz McAdams

BEAR is quite possibly the most realistic paranormal shape shifter romance you will encounter, the bush craft is real, and the bears act like, well, bears.


‘He wants everything, and I won’t let him have it.’

In the midst of a turbulent divorce, Kate sets off to check out her recent inheritance, a small cabin nestled in the mountainous wilderness of Colorado.

As Kate arrives in town, she meets Reid, a local outfitter and backwoodsman. After convincing him to be her guide to the remote cabin, the two are trapped by wicked snow squalls, rendering the mountain impassable. Trapped alone in the cabin, the two are drawn together by a force neither can deny.

Once together, they are driven apart by explosive tempers, long distances and a darker secret…

In a journey through love, longing, and a mighty shade of pissed off, their relationship follows the path of a faded love story, emerging from a handful of letters found in the cabin… and a dark shadow in the wilderness.

Slick, urbane professional living in LA, Kate has fought her way to upper levels in the workplace with a sharp temper and shrewd cunning. Struggling with sabotage wrecked by her ex-husband; she pulls a bait and switch to get back on board with a prized account holder – using the Colorado property as bait. As Kate realizes the importance of the property to Reid, how far will she go for the deal of a lifetime?

The farmhouse was bought cheap – power of sale, and at stroke of a pen, Lot 149 was hers –

“It’s just a light flickering, must be faulty wiring or something – isn’t it?”

Lot 149 is a paranormal story about Keira, a recently divorced woman who purchases a decaying old farmhouse with a truly spectacular history. Country living, a tidy divorce settlement and a job promotion that allowed remote work – this farmhouse would be a fresh start for both Keira and her son Tad, a break they so badly needed.

“Sure it needs work — but don’t we all?”

Leaving the big city behind, Kiera embraces country living and is intent on raising pasture-fed pork and free-range chickens while following the latest developments in organic farming; however, she soon realizes how much work is involved in restoring the farmhouse. To help with repairs, she calls in Frank, a handyman and pest control guy.

“It’s a house with a history, that’s all. Plays tricks with your mind. Most old houses are like that.”

As Keira and Frank work on the house, unnerving events begin to unfold, and the secrets of the house revel themselves. One of the local farmers fills Keira in on the history of the previous owners:

They had two boys, long time ago, one of them had fits or somethin’.

Ain’t nobody seen that boy for decades. Most of us though they put him away –

He had a thing for cattle – bit of a freak, strange things always happened when he was around.

Ol’ Johnston down the way said he did in his whole herd, but nobody could prove nothing. And then there was the Smith child –

Now, decades later, Keira is ensnared in dark evil, and in full possession of the old farmhouse on Lot 149 — she must find a way to escape the house’s dark forces, for her sake, and that of her son.

*WARNING: This is GRAPHIC HORROR – gross stuff happens to people and animals, although there is no intentional abuse of children or animals as a cheap thrill, scary stuff does happen. It *is* a spooky story, after all. And, if you don’t like bugs or spiders, just give the whole thing a miss. ~xo Liz