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Hello dear reader, welcome in and enjoy my offerings…

Here I’ve shared some longer works that have appeared elsewhere in various forms. These pieces might be more sci fi and magical than my usual run of serial killers and noir, and most of them are my favorites. Be sure to check them out.

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Fox Run — Magic realism and the weary toils of a woman’s day; it’s life as usual on the farm. Fox Run was first published on Scriggler October 2016 and received significant acclaim there as Story of the Day. Fox Run was reprinted on Commuter Lit later that fall where it was also received very favorably with positive feedback.

Full Moon on Sago — Set in a distant settlement and a distant time, the only hope for this colony is to maximize genetic fitness through selective reproduction. Steeped in ceremony and tradition, this story follows an adolescent girl rebelling against all of it. Full Moon on Sago first appeared in Twisted Sister’s ‘On the Rag’ issue.

Interview with the Boogey Man — Dark humour and grotesque horror come together in this interview — you gotta deal with the dude who sets things straight, and if you’re afraid to reach under the bed, man, he’s all over that one. Interview with a Boogey Man first appeared on Twisted Sister lit mag.

Kat and Hero — this genre-bending noir romance bad cop (but not too bad cop) story was hard to place, and went through some serious revisions before finding a home at Twisted Sister lit mag.

The Man Who Knew — Classic scifi and noir come together in this touching story of an ‘ambassador’ from another planet and his message for mankind. This first appeared on Commuter Lit before debuting in Scriggler November 2016.  It was also featured on Twisted Sister lit mag (after being originally rejected) following the recent US presidential election. Definitely worth a read and a serious think about.

She Had A Thing For Crows — A young girl with a strange connection with crows endures school yard taunts and bullying, only to finally escape. She Had A Thing For Crows first appeared on Twisted Sister lit mag, then was reprinted on Commuter Lit and Scriggler.

Thinner — Ponderous bulk, Elizabeth thought as she looked in the mirror. The weight hung heavy on her frame, slabs of flesh dangling from her arms, thighs that swayed while she walked. Disgusting, really.

And then when Elizabeth visited the psychic, who told her she wished to become thinner, well, then, that’s when everything changed. Thinner first appeared on Twisted Sister lit mag in November 2016.

Don’t Mess With Little Old Ladies — Just in time for the holidays — shopping malls are packed and the endless lineups are soul-sucking — you might start to push, just to try to hurry things along, but Don’t Mess With Little Old Ladies. Don’t Mess With Little Old Ladies first appeared on Twisted Sister lit mag.

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