Amazon Author

Two of my novels are now available on Amazon — a paranormal shapeshifter romance and haunted house story, plus other spooky stuff — all FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Also, I’ve joined forces with some fantastic folks in anthologies; expect more to come soon.

As an added bonus for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, I’ve just released two twinned compilations of short stories — LIGHT and DARK each filled with a selection of favourites and newly published short stories.



BEAR — the most realistic paranormal shapeshifter romance you will ever encounter — the woodcraft is real, and the bears act like, well, bears. NOW on Kindle Unlimited.

A newly divorced woman buys a rundown old farmhouse as a fresh start for her son and herself — and finds herself in possession of more than she ever imagined. Lot 149 — now on Kindle Unlimited.

LIGHT — when memory plays tricks on you, and the shadows flickering at the corner of your eye become so much more – or when things are never just as they seem – this is the place where true magic exists. Foxes, snow globes, knitting needles, and a foreign ambassador come together in this diverse collection of short stories.

DARK — alien insects, blood spatter, cops, serial killers, crows, and holiday shoppers – all with a twist of noir – or in some cases, outright horror.

Welcome to my dark side. Dear friends may well know my, ahem, taste, for the grotesque, and paranormal, because, let’s face it, bad things happen, and not everything can be explained.

(TRIGGER WARNING – some of these stories contain depictions of actual or implied abuse and/or themes that may be disturbing for some readers. This can be a hard read for some folks.)