Goodreads Review — The Shining by Stephen King

Cover of The Shining by Stephen King – image from Amazon

The Shining by Stephen King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s hard to think of clever words to say about this Stephen King classic, other reviewers, & popular culture have said so much about it already.

But, if I could offer advice, dear reader as you approach this book for the first or millionth time – is to look for the themes in it, bypass the spooky stuff, and what you have at the heart of the story is a woman trapped in an unfulfilled life, and a whole family held hostage by a father’s mental illness & addiction issues. They went to the hotel because Jack lost his job due to his anger & instability… as the primary earner for the family things were in rough shape before they even set foot in the Overlook.

The Outlook simply magnified things to horrific proportions, but the heart of the story is that of a domestic abuse situation; Jack as the abusive partner, who truly cares for his child, but cannot manage his own illness that is quickly destroying everything he cares about.

And that is truly scary.

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