Free ebook giveaway status report

After literal YEARS of silence on social media*, I launched my paranormal shapeshifter romance novel, BEAR and haunted farmhouse story, LOT 149 on Amazon this week. Both were FREE to download before reverting to KindleUnlimited (and now are free for KU subscribers).

Initially released as a free promo, BEAR broke Amazon’s Werewolf and Shifter Romance Category in 24 hours, well within the top 200, and 48 hours after release BEAR sat at 83rd(!!!!) in the same category!! *insert moment of exhaustion and celebration*

LOT 149 was only available to download free for less than 48 hours, and broke through the top 200 in the very huge and enormous Amazon Horror category in 24 hours, before rising up to #105 in Horror. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.

Both are now available FREE to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

*Serious about literal YEARS of silence… I’d tell you where I was, but then I’d have to kill ya;) But sincerest thanks to all my friends and supporters who helped me come back from the charred and smoldering ruin of post-apocalyptic social media exile. And always… feel free to reach out and connect — I don’t bite, much;)