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Lot 149 KDPmaybe

Haunted house and horror fans will be overjoyed to find my novel Lot 149 coming soon to Amazon and KindleUnlimitedLot 149 is a paranormal story about Keira, a recently divorced mother who purchases a decaying old farmhouse with a truly spectacular history… and finds herself in possession of more than she bargained for.

Lot 149 is a graphic horror novel — in the old skool style — terrible things happens to people and animals, although there is no intentional abuse of children or animals as a cheap thrill, scary stuff does happen. It *is* a spooky story, after all. And, if you don’t like bugs or spiders, just give the whole thing a miss.

I can’t wait.


Hopping into the internet wayback machine, and bending properties of time and space — a few years ago I was very excited that ‘Netflix and Chill’ was published with Jeani Rector’s The Horror Zine and on Kindle

Now I’m excited to share in a collection of editor’s choice reprints from The Horror Zine — stay tuned for further developments.

And, given the limitations of time and space (and my own brain power) — you can still find my work around. Lighter pieces  (that often have scifi or magical realism elements) are freely available at Commuter Lit

Check out a lovelorn piece at Sick Lit and a gritty urban take on sex trafficking over at Feminine Collective. You HAVE to check these pubs out, truly amazing things are happening there. And for classic horror and noire fans, be sure to check out Yellow Mama (*waves hi to Cindy Rosmus*), Near to the Knuckle, and Black Petals.

Be sure to drop by all these fine folks and show them some love.