BEAR – a paranormal shapeshifter romance

*insert huge happy dance here* I’m very excited about my latest work on Amazon — BEAR

To share the love, and in honour of Valentine’s Day, I’ll be running a FREE promotion for a downloadable copy from February 15 – 17, 2022 — after that it’ll be available for sale, and for KindleUnlimited users.


Quite possibly the most realistic paranormal shapeshifter romance you will encounter, the bush craft is real, and the bears act like, well, bears.


‘He wants everything, and I won’t let him have it.’

In the midst of a turbulent divorce, Kate sets off to check out her recent inheritance, a small cabin nestled in the mountainous wilderness of Colorado. 

As Kate arrives in town, she meets Reid, a local outfitter and backwoodsman. After convincing him to be her guide to the remote cabin, the two are trapped by wicked snow squalls, rendering the mountain impassable. Trapped alone in the cabin, the two are drawn together by a force neither can deny. 

Once together, they are driven apart by explosive tempers, long distances and a darker secret…

In a journey through love, longing, and a mighty shade of pissed off, their relationship follows the path of a faded love story, emerging from a handful of letters found in the cabin… and a dark shadow in the wilderness.

Slick, urbane professional living in LA, Kate has fought her way to upper levels in the workplace with a sharp temper and shrewd cunning. Struggling with sabotage wrecked by her ex-husband; she pulls a bait and switch to get back on board with a prized account holder – using the Colorado property as bait. As Kate realizes how much the property means to Reid, how far will she go for the deal of a lifetime?