EXCERPT — Sleeping Beauty and True Love’s Kiss

This is part of one of my Fractured Fairy Tales (a series of short stories available on Channillo) I describe the series on this site over here.

Sleeping Beauty and True Love’s Kiss

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a baby girl was born, and not just any baby girl, but a princess to a loving king and queen. They named her Aurora.

So proud they were of their new daughter, that at her christening, the king and queen invited all folk in the land, including a contingent of fairies. The fairies happily bestowed charming gifts upon her, things deemed important to all princesses such as grace, beauty, and a pleasant voice, not actually anything a baby could actually use such as a teething ring or rattle, or a trust fund for her continued pursuit in higher education.

Now one fairy, considered to be slightly on the evil side, thought outside the box for gift giving ideas, and gave the princess a truly one of a kind present – a spell proclaiming that upon her sixteenth birthday, Aurora would prick her finger on a spinning wheel, and fall asleep until her true love’s kiss might awaken her.

And, in a nod to the highly paternalist culture and repressive society she lived in, rather than exploring the local dating scene when she might experience true love’s kiss, Aurora would remain asleep in a locked-up tower, high above the world and entombed in an enormous phallic shape, where her true love would have no chance in hell to find her.

End of excerpt — for more, be sure to check out Fractured Fairy Tales on Channillo

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Check out Lot 149 and other great reads on Channillo

Check out Lot 149 and other great reads on Channillo