Fractured Fairy Tales — My new series at Channillo

I am very excited about my new series over at Channillo Fractured Fairy Tales, perfect for those who like their princesses less puffy and tulle-covered. Often darkly humourous, Fractured Fairy Tales are retold through a modern and feminist lens, and then twisted upon them selves into something else entirely.

Series Description:

Fairy tales, that staple of childhood imagination, have always been filled with excess – fairy godmothers, magical pumpkins, talking mirrors, and the usual assortment of woodland creatures that tend to follow princesses about.

In Fractured Fairy Tales magical excess is pushed right over the edge – with often darkly humorous results.

In Cinderella and the Probate Will, plain and simple Cinderella earns the equivalent of a law degree, reclaims her family estate, and then deals with her ‘Sweet Prince’ in a truly twisted manner.

And Snow White and the Miner’s Union end up restructuring the entire economy of ‘a land far away’ while finally resolving unhealthy stepmother-stepdaughter relationships – all with a bang.

And in Little Red Riding Hood, well, you don’t want to know what happened to that wolf.

Enjoy these, and other short stories, in the series Fractured Fairy Tales over at Channillo now. And, if you’re looking for a spooky read, my novella, Lot 149 is still over there as well.

Don’t forget my previous post about Channillo on this site.